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Budget Travel

Cheap Flights

7 Expert Travel Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

A seasoned traveler is one who is well prepared, knows how to avoid the many hassles of traveling and knows how to cut costs on the road.Here are seven travel tips that will save you time, money and aggravation....(more)

Flight Deals: Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

Everyone wants to save money on flights these days but not everyone knows where to look. There is a plethora of flight search engines on the web but the saturation of these websites makes it hard to discern which ones will save you money and which ones will overcharge you for your next vacation.Below, you will find a list of travel search websites that are not only incredibly useful, but will also save you money on your next getaway....(more)

Priceline Default: Travelling on a Budget

Whether you are travelling to go on an exciting vacation, visiting family, or visiting friends, you have to prepare a travelling expense budget. Travelling expenses can include anything from renting a car to attractions and events. Many people must travel while on a set budget. Because the bulk of travel costs are car rentals, hotels, and flights, the Priceline default has made it to where you can travel for less starting with at least one adult and no children. Priceline provides travelers with the best deals by offering cheap flights, even at the last minute when prices are known to increase through the power of negotiating....(more)

Best Airline Credit Cards for Budget-minded Travelers

Those who travel frequently either own an airline credit card or are at least thinking about applying for one. There are several versions of airline credit cards, each with their own interest rates and benefits....(more)

Theme Parks

City Sightseeing with a Paris Attraction Pass

It is no coincidence that Paris is one of the top European destinations for travelers looking to experience arts, culture, and history. The city is a hotbed for museums, art galleries, and monuments, all of which possess their own particular charms. Unfortunately, those who visit the city are bound to discover that tourism doesn't come cheap. There is, however, a way in which you can explore Parisian sites without having to spend a fortune. As part of the purchase of a Paris Pass, the Paris Attraction Pass gives visitors access to some of the city's most famous sites. Listed below are some popular attractions that are included with the pass....(more)

Finding Discounts for Tickets to SeaWorld

Although thousands of people visit theme parks each year, tickets to attend still come with a high price tag. If you prefer to travel on a budget, you may feel as though tickets to places such as SeaWorld are too expensive to be included in your budget. However, there are many ways that you can obtain discounts to SeaWorld so that you can include a visit during your vacation....(more)

Cheap Car Rentals

Five Great Ways to Save Money on Rental Cars

There are a number of ways to save on rental cars, unfortunately, many people are not readily informed of such opportunities.While renting cars is typically the most affordable option for those who are planning to travel between distant locations, it's not always easy finding the cheapest rates.If you are someone that finds yourself searching for cheap rental cars to no avail, then it is important that you take the following money saving methods into consideration....(more)

Pros and Cons of Off-Airport Car Rentals

When looking for bargain car rentals for your next trip, one option to consider is off-airport car rentals.These are car rentals that originate at a rental company office that is not directly located in the airport. Using this insider travel technique often saves you a lot of money on car rental fees, if done correctly....(more)

Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck at a Car Rental Service

Every traveler is on the lookout for ways to make their vacations or business trips cheaper. An easy way to cut costs is by taking advantage of savings on car rentals. Car rental services often offer special deals and discounts. There are also a wide variety of third parties that offer coupons and discounts to make renting a car just a little bit easier on the wallet....(more)

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